A complete "turn-key ready" professionally-installed heating and cooling system includes:

  1. DiamondAir or Mitsubishi 9,000 BTU (0.75 Ton) Ductless Mini-Split 2-in-1 Dual Heat Pump/Air Conditioners and an appropriate outdoor unit
  2. 25-foot-long Mueller Line Sets, each consisting of two insulated copper lines (3/8" SL 1/4" LL), 14/4 Stranded Ductless Mini-Split Wire, and 5/8" Drain Hose
  3. Safety Electrical Disconnect, 6 feet Electrical Whip, up to 20 feet of 8/2 wire
  4. DiversiTech Wall Bracket for Ductless Mini-Split Condensers, 220 lbs Weight Capacity
  5. Other hardware and accessories including, but not limited to, electrical wires, wall sleeves, brackets, screws, bolts, anchors, putty, zip ties.
NOTE: Line covers are optional, and are not included into the advertized price. Interiour wall and second floor installations cost extra. Other restrictions may apply.